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Yoga Below the Belt

established in 2020

Yoga and Weight Training for the Pelvic Floor

Don't let your pelvic floor stop your active life!


Starting this month, yoga videos and weight training sessions now available on the app:

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Tired of exercise programs making your symptoms worse?

Imagine how you would feel if you could work on your fitness without worrying about feeling pressure or pain "down there."


Many people suffer in silence, staying close to the bathroom or laughing less for fear of peeing themselves. Some experience pain or pressure between the legs, worrying that new movements will make things even more uncomfortable. The list of pelvic floor troubles goes on.

A happier fitness experience is possible!

If you could learn techniques to exercise more safely, without adding to your symptoms, think of how your life might change.

  • Lift weights or go hiking

  • Start to bounce or jog without pressure

  • Laugh or sneeze without worrying

  • Move and bounce and breathe without pain


You're not alone!

I'm Tracy, and was diagnosed with stage 2 prolapse in 2011. I know from experience how real the pain and pressure can be, and have learned how to use breath and yoga to reclaim my active life.


Now, I'm on a mission to help people like you learn how to move the body in a way that helps instead of hurts the pelvic floor.

Yoga and Weight Lifting

Ready to try something new?

Join our community and learn how to modify your movements to relax and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Once you are feeling comfortable with pelvic floor yoga, start using the techniques in your daily life, and join us to learn how to more safely lift weights. It's all part of your fitness journey!

Exercise from the comfort of home

Join us live over Zoom and experience our supportive community

or follow videos online on your own schedule.

 Exercise on YOUR schedule!

Fit this program into your busy life with videos on demand.


 Learn how to modify

Follow instructions to adjust every exercise to meet your pelvic floor's needs.


 Add new movements to daily life

Apply what you learn to your regular activities and experience wonderful benefits.


 Join us live!

Enjoy morning classes on Zoom and share your yoga experience with a caring, encouraging community.


Three Ways to Work with Us

Yoga Team


Fitness App

Subscription includes:

  • >100 Pelvic floor yoga videos

  • At-your-pace yoga workouts

  • Weight training workouts

  • Healthy recipes library

  • Articles and tutorials


Live  Classes

Join our supportive community four days a week and learn how to do the following:

  • Breathe into the pelvic floor

  • Adjust the pelvis

  • Modify movements for real life

When you're ready, stay after class on the weekends and learn how to lift weights


Summer Bootcamps

Join the mailing list and be among the first to hear when our next bootcamp dates will be scheduled.

We offer 30 day programs for both yoga and weight training.

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